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You can earn AirMiles by buying or selling your home through Paul!

Paul also has an extensive background in land development. His professional interests have generally revolved around aspects of land and urban development. As a member of The Urban Development Institute, Paul's involvement with local and provincial government committees has allowed him the opportunity to be part of the writing of various regulations and policies which affect land development, particularly, residential housing.

Paul has been and is presently a member of church organizations, service clubs, food/clothing/furniture bank contributor and facilitator, Feed the Students Program (a local initiative to promote trust and support among high school students, police, churches, and other volunteer groups).

You can contact Paul by phone at 902-449-8252 or email at email

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy #287

Brian Dillman


Every aspect of the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is designed with your health in mind. "Your Health. Our Priority" is not just a slogan to them--it is the reason their pharmacist-owners choose to practice under the Medicine Shoppe brand. A dedicated focus on health care products and services coupled with a warm, welcoming environment make the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy's award winning concept the pharmacy choice of Canadians from coast to coast. 

Our Trusted Member Brian Dillman is the Pharmacist/Owner of the 35 Baker Drive location in Dartmouth. Mr. Dillman’s Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy is a Community Outreach Pharmacy for the Canadian Diabetes Association and he fund raises for Mental Health organizations. Brian is a patient-focused pharmacist who cares about his community and the patients he serves, either close to home or abroad.  


Nova Scotians are truly fortunate to live in a part of the world where health care is often taken for granted. Getting medical aid is considered a “given.”  People in other parts of the world are not so lucky. Brian Dillman is working to change that.  In 2010, when he heard students from the Halifax Christian Academy were travelling to Guatemala, he provided immunizations to all the students travelling at cost. The following year he provided medical supplies for a group from the Faith Baptist Church that were travelling to Ecuador. Then in 2013, Mr. Dillman sponsored his wife/business partner/fellow pharmacist Jill to travel to an orphanage in Baja Mexico where she served on a medical team that provided much needed medical care to the orphans and well as people in the surrounding area.  He has also donated medical supplies and medications for  a number of groups who travelled to Honduras as part of the Global Brigades Medical and Dental Team. On one trip, the team treated 1,200 people.  


In 2014, for his exceptional

contributions to his community

and beyond, Brian Dillman

received the Distinguished

Service Award from the

Pharmacy Association of

Nova Scotia.  (Credit:


Store Services:

- Accu-Pak Blister Packaging
- Compression Stockings
- Diabetes Support
- Free Prescription Delivery
- Health and Wellness Events
- Home Visits Available
- Immunizations & Injections
- Medication Reviews
- Mental Health
- Weight Management

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy #287

35 Baker Drive
Dartmouth, NS, B2W 0H3
Phone: (902) 461-2244
Rx Phone:(902) 461-2244

Northwood Intouch

Tisha White, Program Manager

Member Since 2010


Falls are the leading cause of injuries to seniors in Nova Scotia.

After a fall, every second counts and that’s where Northwood Intouch comes in.

Northwood offers a range of fall alert devices that can detect when a fall has occurred and send help automatically.

Caregivers can rest assured knowing that Northwood is there for them, even when they can’t be. 

With over 30 years of service and an A+ rating from the BBB, Northwood Intouch is a name you can trust.

To learn more about Northwood Intouch's range of services, visit

Northwood Intouch is a non-profit working within the community to produce peace of mind, independence and control: we care about the people we’re helping. | 902-492-3346




Ginny Sterling Boddie, Co-Founder/COO

Member Since 2016


Junkery is an award-winning leader in customized junk removal services for your home or business. You can choose from Junkery Bags - an alternative to dumpsters - fill it on your own schedule or Junkery Pick Up when you don’t have time to do it yourself - rest easy, Junkery sorts and recycles everything for you! With a conscientious focus on diverting as much material from the landfill as possible, by sorting all materials it collects, Junkery makes the process even easier for customers to ensure that any usable furniture and household items make their way to new homes, or get refurbished, electronics are responsibly disposed, metals, plastics, construction and debris materials are all taken to recycling facilities, paper is confidentially shredded and recycled. Junkery won New Business of the Year at the 2016 Halifax Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and was named a 50 Honourable mention out of 3,300 small businesses in the Globe & Mail and Telus Small Business Challenge.   

As Co-Founders, Ginny and her husband John bring an interesting persepctive to junk removal. They work really well together and loved the challenge of building a business from just an idea. John is a corporate commercial lawyer and Ginny has more than 25+ years of small business management.  They knew that junk is a big problem that takes up valuable space – both physically and psychologically for a lot of consumers – and wanted to change the junk removal process from beginning to end and they are! | 902-455-JUNK (5865)

Featured Member of the Month

Featured Member

Life Journey - Website 2.png

Wouldn’t it be nice to hire a funeral planner who would work for you and not have a vested interest in what a funeral home sells? Someone who would put your interests and needs first. 


Life Journey Funeral Planning does just that.


​Life Journey Funeral Planning is an independent funeral planning service hired by and operating on behalf of the family. The independent funeral planner advises and guides the family in planning or pre-planning for this critical life event known as a funeral.​​

In Canada Nova Scotia has the dubious honour of being the highest place in Canada to buy a traditional funeral and it is also the third highest place in Canada to purchase a cremation according to a 2012 Everest survey of funeral costs in Canada. 

Having an independent funeral planner at their side helps families make better decisions. Decisions not based on grief but based on informed choices and options to meet their needs. 

Progressive funeral homes appreciate having an independent adviser with the family just as good realtors respect customers hiring an independent home inspector.

The best way to plan funerals is to plan in advance.

Life Journey Funeral Planning believes families should plan for a funeral the same way as any major life event:


  • Plan for it in advance.

  • Get good advice

  • Examine all options

  • Budget

  • Shop to get good value for your money.

  • Make an informed decision.

  • Execute your plan.

Life Journey Funeral Planning is owned and operated by Ian MacDonald.  There is a need for families to reclaim the purpose of funerals. A celebration of life should shape grief to be more healing, and helpful without over spending. 

Ian MacDonald, Life Journey Funeral Plan

​Life Journey Funeral Planning is Ian's solution. A solution that empowers the family at a time they need it most.  Ian brings more than 15 years experience and compassion in the funeral planning industry.


Visit the Life Journey Funeral Planning  website or contact Ian at 902-221-2973.

Parkland Retirement Living

- Parkland Clayton Park

- Parkland at the Lakes - Phase 2

Living your best life… What does that mean to you? Does it mean having independence? Enjoying a sense of community? Perhaps it’s knowing that your needs are taken care of so you don’t have worry about them anymore. Maybe it’s just having a nice place to live where you can surround yourself with family and friends; a place where you can remain active, healthy and fulfilled throughout your retirement years.

Parkland Clayton Park

Shari Landry

Parkland Clayton Park offers a variety of retirement living options.  Our independent living “Hospitality and Wellness” residences are perfect for those who want an active lifestyle without the bother of daily chores like housekeeping, linen service and meal preparation. The onsite doctors’ clinic and access to emergency nursing assistance ensure peace of mind for all residents.  Parkland Clayton Park’s “Assisted Living” options support clients who prefer help with the activities of daily living in an apartment setting.  We offer “Memory Care” in a beautiful and supportive environment as well as “Enriched Care” for complete nursing needs. Please contact us to learn more.

Contact Shari Landry at:


Parkland at the Lakes - Phase 2

Mary Ann Bunker

Set against the backdrop of lovely Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Parkland at the Lakes – Phase 2 offers Kinross Hall, a new Hospitality and Wellness residence with 97 apartments in studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom layouts. These beautifully designed suites include all utilities, including heat, hot water, electricity, local phone, cable and Wi-Fi High Speed Internet.


Lewis Hall is now open with 36 Memory Care suites and 36 Enriched Care suites, which showcase the best of retirement living design. Memory Care includes fully furnished studio and one-bedroom suites provide individual comfort and privacy, full assistance with the activities of daily living, three meals per day, daily snacks and a vibrant recreation program.  Enriched Care offers fully furnished studio and one-bedroom suites equipped with ensuite bathroom, emergency response system, lifts and transfers and 24-hour nursing care. Three meals per day, daily snacks and specialized recreation activities based on needs. 

Contact Mary Ann Bunker at:


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