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Junkery...the Art of JUNK REMOVAL


Junkery is an award-winning leader in customized junk removal services and has been a Trusted Member of Serving Seniors since 2016.



FRANCHISE  As a local business,

Junkery does not resell any items it

collects and has donation partnerships 

with many local community organizations such as Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank and Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Junkery is a 100% locally owned and operated, family-run small business.

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Junkery - Junk Removal - Serving Seniors

NOT ALL JUNK IS JUNK.  A home holds a lifetime of memories. When it’s time to move for whatever the reason – simplifying, health issues, a recent passing of a 

loved one, downsizing, a renovation project, or it’s just time to clear the clutter - the not so fun part begins… sorting all the stuff, all the boxes, deciding what to keep and what to let go, and what to do with all the items left over.
Junkery can help you by working with you and your family to create a customized junk removal plan that makes the process easier.


Your situation is unique and Junkery can help you find the right junk removal solution for your specific need, timeline, and budget. Not all junk is the same and there are many different reasons why you might need junk removal. 

  • do-it-yourself renovation project

  • buying/selling a house

  • estate clear out

  • moving

  • excess clutter/hoarding

  • office junk

You can choose from:

JUNKERY BAGS - an alternative to dumpsters - fill it on your own schedule, hold up to 3,300lbs! 

FULL SERVICE JUNK REMOVAL -  when you don’t have time to do it yourself - rest easy, Junkery sorts and recycles everything for you!  You only pay for how much space your stuff takes up in the truck.


With a conscientious focus on diverting as much material from the landfill as possible, by sorting all materials it collects, Junkery makes the process even easier for customers to ensure that any usable furniture and household items make their way to new homes, or get refurbished, electronics are responsibly disposed, metals, plastics, construction and debris materials are all taken to recycling facilities, paper is confidentially shredded and recycled. 

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CENTURY 21® Trident Realty

Paul Connors, Sales Representative

Member Since 2016

As a CENTURY 21® Real Estate professional, Paul is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible.  Paul's personal knowledge of the local Real Estate market is combined with the power of the CENTURY 21 brand - the most recognized name in Real Estate today.  His advertising says it best, "Personal Approach, Professional Service."

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Paul's professional background includes more than 30 years in the land development and housing industry as a regulator, designer, and consultant. In that time he acquired an in-depth knowledge, not only for individual home values, but also for the areas and particular subdivisions that will ultimately produce the greatest return on investment. He continues to enroll in courses in professional development in order to remain current with trends and changes in our industry. Having been a manager for many years, he approaches his work and client files in an organized manor, in order to provide comprehensive service to you, his clients.

In today's market, it's more important than ever to price your home right. Paul knows how to price your property to make sure it sells. If you're curious about your home's value in today's market, just fill out the form below and Paul will send you a free Comparative Market Analysis.

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  • Century 21 Trident Realty
  • Century 21 Trident Realty
  • Paul Connors, Century 21 Trident



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4 Pillars Halifax - BBB

Northwood Intouch – Solutions for maintaining independence. Northwood Intouch is the largest personal alarm provider in Nova Scotia with close to 3,000 clients and 31 years of experience.

Your Home, Your Life

Discrete sensors and detectors are combined with 24-hour, 7 days-a-week professional monitoring, which will help you manage different needs in the home. These include a medical alarm, medication dispenser, stove sensor, fall detectors and much more. Northwood Intouch is a leader in the industry with over 30 years of proud service. Service is available all across Nova Scotia and installed by community volunteers from your local service clubs. When you choose Northwood, you’re choosing local.

Serving Seniors Alliance - Northwood Int


Whether you’re a single person living alone, a married couple in your own home, living with family or with others, Northwood Intouch are here to help you take charge of your life and independence. The sensors are designed to assist clients in retaining their independence and provide support to caregivers.

When a sensor is activated, you’ll be instantly connected to trained operators in the Northwood Intouch 24-hour response center. The call may also be routed to telephone numbers of your choice. It’s simple and reliable. Additional products can be added or changed as needed: there are no contracts or minimum time commitments.

Volunteer installers throughout the province for quick installations and service


  • Funding assistance is available for low income seniors via the Department of Health through their Personal Alert Program.

  • Community Services and Veterans Affairs will fund eligible clients, contact your caseworker or Client Service Agent for more details.

  • Northwood Intouch offers a subsidy program for low income seniors who live alone.  

If you’re still unsure about whether Northwood Intouch is the right service for you, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or stop by their office - they'd love to meet with you in person. | 902-492-3346

Serving Seniors Alliance - Northwood Int
  • Northwood Intouch

Soles in Motion offers pain solutions by providing products from the world’s most innovative providers of medical devices. These include braces, supports, and compression therapy for musculoskeletal conditions from degenerative diseases, traumatic events, sports related injuries, post-operative and preventative conditions. There is a wide variety of custom and off-the-shelf braces, soft supports and compression therapy for upper and lower extremities available.   

4-Points-of-Leverage design on DonJoy custom knee braces reduces ACL strain by at least 50%. 









Sandy Houston is a Bracing Specalist and received his BPE and MSc (Kinesiology) degrees from Dalhousie University. His focus was on human performance under various exercise conditions. Sandy has worked with all age groups for general fitness, high risk individuals (diabetic, asthmatic and survivors of heart attacks), competitive and recreational athletics and those with special exercise needs due to acute and chronic injury, mostly in a rehabilitation setting. He has focused on helping those suffering from osteoarthritis to find suitable conservative treatment options to help stay mobile and live with less pain. Orthopedic bracing has been his focus to help achieve this.   










Sandy and Soles in Motion's goal is to make sure you have successful results and improved lifestyle for any of your bracing needs.
•    Ankle & Foot
•    Back
•    Elbow
•    Hip


To reach Sandy, visit or call (902) 468-7911.


•    Knee
•    Leg
•    Shoulder
•    Wrist

Soles in Motion has been helping patients by providing them with solutions to their pain.  They do this through custom and off-the-shelf orthopedic bracing, custom foot orthotics, diabetic foot care, custom fitting of comfort and athletic footwear and compression therapy services.


Feature Member

Serving Seniors Alliance Trusted Me - Premiere Membe

Moving is stressful, that is a fact of life. However when you are ready to move, there may be an extra degree of anxiety associated with the experience. If you stop to consider that some seniors may have lived in their home for 40, or 50 years you can appreciate that the idea of moving can be overwhelming.


Regardless of whether you're are moving into a personally owned condo, a retirement community complex or an assisted living facility, planning is the key to making the move as stress free as possible.

It is preferable for there to be a family member available who can assist you in getting ready for

the move. Purging a household where things have been collected over decades takes time and effort, and if there isn’t a family member who can assist with this task then it may be wise to consider hiring someone to help with the sorting and making the necessary arrangements. There are a number of companies who specialize in this area, just be sure to check out their credentials and track record before bringing them into your home. Personal recommendations are the best way to decide if a particular individual or company is right for you.

Serving Seniors - Premiere Van Lines - I


Deciding what to do with the contents of your home is a big job so getting started as far in advance as possible will make things a little easier. Like with any move, sorting by category makes the most sense.

  • Furniture and other items will be kept and moved to your new home.

  • Furniture and other items will be given to family members and/or friends.

  • Items that are suitable for sale.

  • Items that will be donated to a charity.

  • Items that are no longer useable and should be disposed of.

In terms of selling furniture and other items there are a number of options. If there are some genuine antiques or very fine furniture and other valuable items, holding an estate sale in the home or at an auction house may result in higher sale revenues. Just remember you must pay a commission to the person or company who is handling the sale for you. They will market and conduct the sale on your behalf.  A traditional garage sale is another option but unless there are family or friends who can assist, most seniors will find this choice to be too much work. Donating to a charity will be easier.


A key component for a stress free move for you is the right moving company. When moving seniors choosing a company like Premiere Van Lines makes a lot of sense. Premiere will assign a professional moving consultant who will work closely with you to help you plan each stage of the move. These individuals have the experience and empathy needed to reassure you that everything will be taken care of to your satisfaction.


Bill VanGorder got his start in Nordic pole walking after he realized years of running were putting a strain on his knees. He first started on Nordic pole walking as a warm-up, but then noticed it had bigger benefits. “I soon discovered I was getting more of a workout from Nordic walking than running,” VanGorder says. “I feel I’m in better shape today than I was 30 years ago, when I was running marathons.”  Bill and his wife, Esther, now operate Nordic Walking Nova Scotia. 

SOURCE:  Click here to read the full article about the benefits of Nordic Walking in the Chronicle Herald

Bill & Esther VanGorder, Nordic Walking
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Is a trip on your list for 2019/2020? If you’ve been thinking about a trip but unsure, let Yvonne from lePair Travel help you to decide on the type of trip and destination. Perhaps a beach vacation, an ocean or river cruise, a family vacation, adventure travel. 


But first some great European travel deals from Air Canada Vacations!

travel deals.jpg


Flights from Halifax, Moncton and St. John's.

Book 180 Days Early - Save $1,000 per couple!

Book 120 Days Early - Save $500 per couple!

Book 90 Days Early - Save $300 per couple!

PORTUGAL - Portugal City & Coast Independent Trip - Jun 7 & 14 - 8 nights

GREECE - Best of Greece Island Hopping - Jun 1-3 - 11 nights

SPAIN - A Spanish Trilogy Independent Escape - Jun 1 - 8 nights

ITALY - Italian Renaissance Independent Escape - Jun 2 & 9 - 9 nights


River cruises are ideal for 50 and above aged travellers. They offer smaller ships with fewer travellers (usually less than 150 per cruise) so you get more relaxed, casual travel and more attention from staff.  

Itineraries are available for different activity levels (regular, active and gentle walkers) in many countries. Throughout your journey explore magnificent towns rich in history and culture. Walk to a café or market. Bicycle through towns and villages. Many tours now incorporate a wellness program too. 


Ocean cruises and all inclusive vacations are are excellent choices for multi-generational travel, because everyone can set their own itinerary, while all on the same ship or resort. There are so many choices for food, entertainment and activities. There are many itineraries to choose form to suit everyone's style.  


There are many choices for group travel with common interest for example, book clubs, fitness, spiritual, ladies only, reunions, wine tours and many more.
If travelling in groups is not your thing then why not consider a independent traveller tour where you can travel with another person or with your own small group. Yvonne can develop an itinerary specific to your needs. If you need special assistance that can be arranged as well. 


Yvonne has significant

experience in coordinating,

researching, planning tours

and local, national and

international events. She

says she was born with a fascination of other cultures because of her heritage. Her family is originally from Europe, specifically her mom is from Amsterdam and her Dad from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Yvonne can help you plan your vacation, while considering any special mobility needs you may have, whether it is an all-inclusive resort, a river boat cruise, an ocean cruise, voluntourism (a trip to combine volunteering and travel) or a specific tour you would like her to design/source for you.

Yvonne lePair - lePair Travel.jpg
  • lePair Travel

lePair Travel is affiliated with Nexion Canada

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